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Abstract Submission

The abstract submission has closed on 23 May and the final program can be found here.

Abstract submission was possible to the following sessions:

– Parallel session A: Physical drivers: Causes and consequences of Arctic Ocean warming, freshening, and sea ice decline (details here)

– Parallel session B: The Living Ocean: Understanding Ecosystem Structure and Function Across Seasons in a Changing Arctic (details here)

– Parallel session C: Environmental Lessons from the Past (details here)

– Parallel session D: Caught in Transit – Key Processes on the Inflow Shelves and Their Regional Connectivity to Pan-Arctic Systems (details here)

– Parallel session E: Around and Out: Processes Along Interior and Outflow Shelves (details here)

– Parallel session F: A Shattered Mirror – Understanding a Rapidly Changing Central Arctic Ocean (details here)

– Plenary session: The future Arctic Ocean: projections, processes, implications, and uncertainties (details here)