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Side Event:
From Observation to Adaptation

This side-event on Thursday, 9 November, 13:30-16:00 is arranged by Nansen Legacy in collaboration with the EU project Arctic Passion and with support from the Norwegian Arctic Council chairmanship.

Arctic land and coastal areas as well as the high Arctic oceans are among the world’s most affected by the ongoing climate change. Arctic societies need the best possible knowledge base to find the best strategies and solutions for adaptation. Good strategies for adaptation rely on aggregated information from well-coordinated observation systems. This challenge is relevant both for coastal local communities and for international management of resources and activities in the central Arctic Ocean.

This event will elaborate on needs, opportunities and challenges in a changing Arctic through short presentations and a panel debate.

Øystein Hov, former Research Director of the Norwegian Meteological Institute (MET), will give an introduction on the organization of observational in the Arctic and the needs of society.

Camilla Brattland, Associate Professor in Samí Cultural Science at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, will give an overview on how to combine science and local knowledge in coastal communities as basis for adaptation.

Alan Haynie, general secretary of ICES and member of the Nansen Legacy reference group, will provide insights on for the mechanisms on decision making on adaptation.

Jackie Grebmeier, professor at the University Maryland, USA, member of the Nansen Legacy advisory board, will contribute with experience from the Distributed Biological Observatory in the Pacific Arctic and collaborations between scientists and local communities.

Marianne Kroglund, Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Environmental Directorate and keynote speakers of the symposium, will provide insights on how scientific results can be used in management

Arild Sundfjord, Program Leader at the Norwegian Polar Institute, will share his experience on observational strategies and services in the Arctic.

Anne Husebekk, Director of the Center for the Ocean and the Arctic at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, will be the moderator and lead through the afternoon.

A warm welcome to all symposium participants!