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Poster Session I (Session A, B, C)

Session A
Session B
Session C
Posters of the Parallel Session A:
Physical drivers: Causes and consequences of Arctic Ocean warming, freshening, and sea ice decline
Posters in alphabetical order (by first author), presenting author marked by *
Poster A1:
Quantifying the Seasonal Cycle of Dissolved Oxygen in the Canada Basin Mixed Layer
Arroyo A*, Timmermans M-L
Poster A2:
High Arctic Freshwater Input Reduces Sea Spray Aerosol Production
Dall´Osto M*
Poster A3:
Sea Ice Studies in a Changing Northern Barents Sea within the Multidisciplinary Nansen Legacy Project

Divine D*, Steer A, Gerland S, Cristea A, Jones E, Fransson A, Chierici M, Itkin P, Raffel B, Granskog M
Poster A4:
CIRFA Cruise 2022: A Ship-Based Arctic Research Expedition with Focus on Satellite Remote Sensing of Floating Ice

Eltoft T, Gerland S* and the CIRFA 2022 shipboard science team
Poster A5:
Arctic Ocean Tidal Constituents Atlas

Hart-Davis M*, Ray R, Andersen O, Howard S, Padman L, Nilsen F, Dettmering D
Poster A6 – cancelled
Poster A7:
Towards Detection of Pressure Ridge Thickness and Consolidation by Electromagnetic Induction
Itkin P*, Divine D, Katlein C, Raphael IA, Shimanchuk E, Ricker R, Jutila A, Salganik E, Neudert M
Poster A8:
Albedo of Hummocks on the Surface of Sea Ice
Ivanov B*, Prokhorova Y, Bezgreshnov A, Juravski D
Poster A9:
From Winter to Late Summer in the Northwestern Barents Sea Shelf: Sea Ice and Upper Ocean Evolution and Impacts on Nutrient and Phytoplankton Dynamics
Koenig Z*, Lind S, Lundesgaard Ø, Muilwijk M, Sandven H, Assmy P, Assmann K, Chierici M, Fransson A, Gerland S, Jones E, Renner AHH, Granskog M
Poster A10:
Impact of Atmospheric Rivers on Poleward Moisture Transport to the Arctic
Kolbe M*, Sonnemans J, Bintanja R, van der Linden E, van der Wiel K, Whan K, Benedict I
Poster A11:
Why do we need to care about cyclone thermodynamics?
Tao D, Rosendahl A, Li C
Poster A12:
Seasonal variability in hydrography and currents along a meridional transect crossing the Barents Sea
Sortland JM*, Renner A, Skarðhamar J, Itkin P, Koenig Z
Poster A13:
Recent Sea Level Changes in the Barents Sea: Atmospheric, Thermosteric, and Halosteric Contributions
Mohamed B*, Nilsen F, Skogseth R, Rose S
Poster A14:
A Recent Change of Relationships between the Barents Sea Climate System and Wintertime Atmospheric Variability in Eurasia
Schlichtholz P*
Poster A15:
Validation and Evaluation of Surface Heat Fluxes in Barents-2.5
Wang C*, Wang J, Debernard J
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Posters of the Parallel Session B:
The Living Ocean: Understanding Ecosystem Structure and Function Across Seasons in a Changing Arctic
Posters in alphabetical order (by first author), presenting author marked by *
Poster B1:
Water Column and Sea Ice Primary Production in the North-Western Barents
Duarte P*, Castro De La Guardia L
Poster B2:
From Midnight Sun to Polar Night: Understanding Copopods Seasonal Community Structures in the Arctic with a Trait-Based Approach
Durazzano T*, Svensen C, Visser A, Søreide J, Hop H
Poster B3:
Phytoplankton in the Arctic Ocean – Species Composition and Biomass during the Nansen Legacy Arctic basin cruise, 24 Aug-26 Sep 2021

Eikrem W*, Vader A, Hofgaard A, Edvardsen B
Poster B4:
Reproductive Features of the Ice Cod Arctogadus glacialis from Brede Fjord (Northeast Greenland)

Ferrando S, Carlig E, Aicardi S, Christiansen JS, Lynghammar A, Karamushko OV, Rask Møller P, Ghigliotti L*
Poster B5:
Annual Estimates of Copepod Secondary Production in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean

Gawinski C*, Daase M, Ormańczyk MR, Kwasniewski S, Svensen C
Poster B6:
Across the Seasons: Persistent Organic Pollutants in an Arctic Pelagic Food Web
Giebichenstein J*, Harju M, Varpe Ø, Gabrielsen GW, Andersen T, Borgå K
Poster B7:
Seasonality of Pelagic Protist Communities in the Barents Sea
Goraguer L*, Assmy P, Kohlbach D, Chierici M, Dąbrowska AM, Gradinger R, Jones E, Marquardt M, Tatarek A, Vader A, Wiktor JM, Wold A
Poster B8:
Behavioral Response in Calanus Copepods to Change in Ambient Light in the Polar Night
Hatlebakk M*, Viljanen M, Grant S, Johnsen G
Poster B9:
Historical Changes in Biomass, Total Abundance, and Species Composition of Seaweed-Associated Fauna in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard
Jungblut S*, Niklass J, Brand M, Buschbaum C, Paar M, Bartsch I, Molis M
Poster B10:
Will Calcifiers Survive Rapidly-Progressing Changes in the Arctic Marine System?
Kuklinski P*, Iglikowska A, Borszcz T, Chelchowski M, Kedra M, Przytarska J, Hop H, Humphreyes-Williams E, Najorka J, Ronowicz M, Sowa A, Włodarska-Kowalczuk M, Drewnik A, Grabowska M, Krzemińska M, Voronkov A, Piwoni-Piórewicz A
Poster B11:
Insights from Metatranscriptomics: Activity of Protist Communities between Seasons and along a North-South Transect in the Barents Sea
Kvernvik AC*, Gabrielsen TM, Krabberød AK, Vader A
Poster B12:
The Missing Piece – the Gain of Including Gelatinous Zooplankton in Arctic Plankton Surveys
Majaneva S*, Martell L, Soto Angel J, Verhaegen G, Mańko M, Ronowicz M, Hosia A
Poster B13:
Benthic Diversity in an Arctic Glacial Fjord Assessed Using Morphology and Sedimentary eDNA
Mazurkiewicz M, Pawłowski J, Pawlowska J, Barrenechea Angeles IA, Grzelak K, Deja K, Zaborska A, Włodarska-Kowalczuk M*
Poster B14:
Influence of Sub-Ice Turbulence Regimes on Sea Ice Net Community Production in the Canadian High Arctic
McKay R*, Osanen J, Else B, Michel C, Campbell K
Poster B15:
Seasonal Dynamics of Body Condition and Energy Content of Polar Cod (Boreogadus saida)
Nowicki R*, Borgå K, Wing Gabrielsen G, Søreide J, Varpe Ø
Poster B16:
Towards Identifying Biological and Biogeochemical Data Products for Advancing Modeling of Carbon Sequestration in the Arctic Seas
Palacz A, Grigoratou M*, Briggs N, Ciavatta S, Greco M, Kedra M, Koski M, Lindemann C, Visser A, Yumruktepe VÇ, Wiedmann I
Poster B17:
Seasonal Variations in Food-Web Dynamics of Barents Sea Plankton Communities in a Changing Arctic
Rosland M*, Hatlebakk M, Søreide J, Aberle N
Poster B18:
Diverse and Self-Sustaining Benthos of an Arctic Oil Seep
Sen A*, Sandig A, Michel L, Knies J
Poster B19:
Newly Ice-Free Coastal Zones as Emerging Marine Habitats in the Warming Arctic Fjords (Svalbard, West Spitsbergen)
Szeligowska M*
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Presenting author marked by *
Poster C1:
Seasonal Sea ice in a warmer Arctic climate during the Holocene Thermal Maximum
Pieńkowski AJ*, Husum K, Belt ST, Ninnemann U, Köseoğlu D, Divine DV, Smik L, Knies J, Hogan K, Noormets R
NOTE! This poster will be presented in the poster session on Wednesday.
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