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Nansen Legacy Alumni

NOTE: Information given here ONLY applies to Nansen Legacy alumni. If you are still actively working in the project, you find guidance here
For Nansen Legacy alumni who want to attend the symposium, we offer 1) a travel grant, and 2) financial support for participation fee and accommodation.
1) Travel grant
The project can support your travel costs with:
– up to 3 000 NOK (alumni traveling within Norway)
– up to 5 000 NOK (alumni traveling within Europe)
– up to 10 000 NOK (alumni traveling from outside Europe)
Please note this funding is only available to you if you fulfill the following criteria:
– You present data related to the Nansen Legacy project
– Only travel in economy class is supported
– Travel as cheap as possible, because this allows us to use the remaining money to support other alumni
– The travel must be booked through the travel agency Berg-Hansen
Travel booking needs to follow this procedure:
Please download and fill out this application form and send to the Nansen Legacy administration (
After application submission and approval, the Nansen Legacy administration will send you a booking code that can be used to book the travel through the travel agency Berg-Hansen (either via telephone or email). Using the booking code will reduce your payment with the financial support listed above (3000/ 5000/ 10000 NOK). If you need a more expensive flight, you have to pay the additional and remaining costs yourself.
2) Financial support for participation fee and accommodation
In addition to travel support, you can also apply for support with conference fees and hotel accommodation. As with travel, you must fill out an application form (see link in section 1 above) to request a code from the Nansen Legacy administration . This code will allow you to register and book your hotel room through the registration system (no payment needed, costs are directly covered by the project).