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Parallel Sessions – Day 1

Session A
Session B
Session C
Parallel Session A:
Physical drivers: Causes and consequences of Arctic Ocean warming, freshening, and sea ice decline
13:30-13:45 Oral Presentation A1:
Stormier Arctic Winters due to Surface Warming Amplification
Zapponini M*, Gößling HF
13:45-14:00 Oral Presentation A2:
Sea Ice Fracturing Promotes Near-Inertial Atmosphere-Ocean Momentum Transfer during an Arctic Winter Storm
Crews L*, Lee C, Rainville L, Brenner S
14:00-14:15 Oral Presentation A3:
A Coupled Ice-Ocean Framework to Investigate the Impact of Sea-Ice Deformation in the Winter Sea-Ice Mass Balance in the Arctic

Boutin G, Ólason E*, Rampal P, Regan H, Lique C, Talandier C, Brodeau L, Ricker R
14:15-14:30 Oral Presentation A4:
Towards an Improved Representation of Arctic Sea Level, Ocean Currents and Tidal Modelling Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry

Müller F*, Pisareva M, Hart-Davis M, Dettmering D, Schwatke C, Passaro M, Seitz F
14:30-14:45 Oral Presentation A5:
Assessing the Climate Change in the Arctic Region from Satellite Altimetry: A Comprehensive Analysis of Sea-Level Variability

Rose SK*, Andersen OB
14:45-15:00 Oral Presentation A6:
Mechanisms and Impacts of Arctic Ocean Freshwater Variability on Centennial Timescales
Mehling O*, Bellomo K, von Hardenberg J
15:30-15:45 Oral Presentation A7:
Understanding the Relative Roles of Diffusion and Mechanical Mixing in the Canada Basin’s Upper Halocline Heat Budget
Curtis PE*, Timmermans M-L, Yang A
15:45-16:00 Oral Presentation A8:
How Atlantic Heat Makes Arctic Sea Ice Retreat
Eldevik T, Steel M, Smedsrud LH*, Årthun M, Onarheim I, Dodd P, Muilwijk M
16:00-16:15 Oral Presentation A9:
Unprecedented Warming Rate over Northern and Eastern Svalbard
Isaksen K*, Nordli Ø, Køltzow MA, Aaboe S, Gjelten HM, Mezghani A, Eastwood S, Førland E, Benestad RE, Hanssen-Bauer I
16:15-16:30 Oral Presentation A10:
Retreating Sea Ice in the Barents Sea – the Arctic Hotspot Region
Aaboe S*, Isaksen K, Lind S
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Parallel Session B:
The Living Ocean: Understanding Ecosystem Structure and Function Across Seasons in a Changing Arctic
13:30-13:45 Oral Presentation B1:
Seasonal Dynamics of Sea Ice Protists and Meiofauna in the Northwestern Barents Sea in Relation to Sea Ice Properties
Marquardt M*, Goraguer L, Assmy P, Bluhm BA, Patrohay E, Aaboe S, Down EJ, Edvardsen B, Smola Z, Tatarek A, Wiktor JM, Gradinger R
13:45-14:00 Oral Presentation B2:
Diversity and Distribution of Arctic Protists in Pelagic and Sympagic Habitats in the Northern Barents Sea as Revealed by Metabarcoding
Saubrekka K*, Vader L, Supraha L, Andersen T, Edvardsen B
14:00-14:15 Oral Presentation B3:
Phytoplankton Primary Production in the North-Western Barents Sea 1980-2021: No Obvious Trends but a Regime Shift Triggered by a Pulse of Atlantic Water

Castro de la Guardia L*, Hernández Fariñas T, Marchese C, Amargant Arumí M, Myers PG, Bélanger S, Assmy P, Gradinger RR, Duarte P¹
14:15-14:30 Oral Presentation B4:
Effects of Multiple Stressors on Overwintering Arctic Zooplankton

Dijkstra J*, Schott L, Thomsen N, Lutier M, Søreide J
14:30-14:45 Oral Presentation B5:
Changes in the Life-History Strategy of Fish Communities from the Barents Sea in a Warming Environment

Bernardo CP*, Pecuchet L, Primicerio R, Dolgov AV, Fossheim M, Husson B, Santos J
14:45-15:00 Oral Presentation B6:
Feeding Preferences of Sea Urchins on Arctic Macroalgae Assemblages Changing with Depth
Jungblut S*, Brand M, Dorschner S, Hagen W
15:30-15:45 Oral Presentation B7:
Seasonal and Spatial Variability in Macrobenthic Size Structure and Functioning in the Northern Barents Sea
Górska B*, Molina EJ, Reiss H, Renaud PR, Sen A, Bluhm BA, Włodarska-Kowalczuk M
15:45-16:00 Oral Presentation B8:
Blue Carbon Storage within Benthic Ecosystems across Multiple Habitats within the Barents Sea with Respect to Sea Ice Loss and the Anthropogenic Impact of Trawling
Souster T*, Barnes D, Primicerio R, Jørgensen L
16:00-16:15 Oral Presentation B9:
Biodiversity in the Northern Barents Sea and Adjacent Nansen Basin – Towards an Updated Inventory
Kwaśniewski S*, Altenburger A, Assmy P, Bluhm B, Dabrowska A, Edvardsen B, Goraguer L, Gradinger R, Grzelak K, Jordà Molina E, Kovacs KM, Lydersen C, Majaneva S, Marquardt M, Ormanczyk M, Reiss H, Renaud PE, Saubrekka K, Tatarek A, Thiele S, Vader A, Wernström J, Wlodarska-Kowalczuk M, Wold A, Øvreås L and other collaborators
16:15-16:30 Oral Presentation B10:
Ranges of Annual Production in the Barents Sea along Environmental Gradients
Gradinger R*, Amargant Arumi M, Assmy P, Bluhm B, Bodur YV, Bratbak G, Castro de la Guardia L, Duarte P, Eriksen E, Górska B, Hop H, Ingvaldsen RB, Müller O, Pedersen T, Reigstad M, Svensen C, Wlodarska-Kowalczuk M, Wold A and other contributors
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13:30-14:00 Talk C1:
Unravelling the Link between Arctic-Atlantic Exchanges and Meridional Overturning Circulation during the last Deglaciation
Ninnemann U*, Irvali U, Lefevere SP, Liltved A, Nesbø J, Husum K, Kleiven K, Jansen E
14:00-14:15 Talk C2:
Holocene Natural Variability in Atlantic Water Inflow Properties to the Arctic
Irvali N*, Ninnemann U, Liltved A, Lefèvere S, Husum K, Jansen E
14:15-14:30 Talk C3:
Pulsed Iron Input from Svalbard to the Arctic Ocean during Intervals of Ice Sheet Instability
Tessin A*, März C, Faust J, Böning P, Forwick M, Gray R, Matthiessen J, Neumann A, O’Regan M, Schnetger B
14:30-14:45 Talk C4:
Planktic Foraminifera in the Barents Sea: Reconstruction of Biomass and Biodiversity Changes during the last Three Millennia

Anglada-Ortiz G*, Rasmussen TL, Chierici M, Fransson A, Zamelczyk K, Ziveri P, Meilland J, Garcie-Orellana J
14:45-15:00 Talk C5:
Delivery and Reactivity of Iron on the Eurasian Arctic Continental Shelf in the Holocene

Gray R*, Tessin A, März C, Husum K
15:30-16:00 Talk C6:
Glacial History of the Northern Barents Sea Reconstructed from Submarine Landforms –Nansen Legacy Results and Research Outlook
Rydningen TA*, Trælvik Eilertsen V, Tømmervik Kollsgård C, Husum K, Forwick M, Laberg JS, Lasabuda A, Ninnemann US
16:00-16:15 Talk C7:
Reconstructing Paleoenvironment and Sedimentary Processes of the Northern Barents Sea Continental Slope
Tømmervik Kollsgård C*, Laberg JS, Rydningen TA, Husum K, Lasabuda APE, Forwick M
16:15-16:30 Talk C8:
Depositional Environments in the Northern Barents Sea, from the Last Glacial to the Present
Eilertsen VT*, Rydningen TA, Forwick M, Laberg JS
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